Audio Branding

We provide Audio Branding for brands and business.

In this ever-growing technological era, every device, every interaction comes with a sound, a bleep, a sound wave that you easily identify and relate to. Everyone understands the importance of a visual logo in any kind of business but, what about your sonic logo? Alexa, Siri, MasterCard, Intel; big brands that can easily be recognized. At Yembe! we believe in the importance of translating your brand values into sound and we know how to do it very well. Your customers and users will feel the emotions and soul of your brand through their ears, in every device, social media, spot, you name it.

Works of Audio Branding

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Sound Design

In our studio, we make and supervise carefully all the process of sound design, AdHoc music, and mix, to provide you the best soundtrack possible for your project with our award-winning audio direction.


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