#AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System) or the new #AudioBranding era for the #ElectricCars manufactures

In 2019, the European Union approved a measure that will oblige hybrid and electric vehicles minimum sound emission requirements so that they can be easily perceived and less dangerous for pedestrians. 

For this same reason the UE has created a brand new term called #AVAS (Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System)  this will reflect that the sound of any HybridCar or ElectricCar will have to oscillate between 56 and 75 decibels and will be similar to that of a conventional combustion engine sound pressure. Manufacturers had two years to adapt to the new regulations and the big challenge is greater than it seems: designing an iconic sound signature and the #AudioBranding strategy, that combines the values ​​that the brand defends and defining the sound identity of the car. 

For this, some of the biggest manufactures have turned to work with renowned composers like HansZimmer with BMW, the well-know LeslieMandoki with Volkswagen and others like TOYOTA with Music&Sound specialized agencies like we are at the #YembeAgency

Here the BMW sonic branding teaser:

References: Cortes, J. (2020). El compositor del sonido de mi coche ganó un Oscar. EL PAÍS.



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