BIME PRO & Yembe! 2020

#BimePro its one of the biggest Music Industry profesional conferences in Europe organized by #LastTour in Bilbao ( Spain )

This year we made a parthnership with BIME to design the pannel «The Value of Music in the Original Content» where we invited some of the most relevant personalities of our business to talk about the huge importance of music in the moving picture industry these days, and the amazing moment that #MusicSupervision is living in the #OriginalContent production.


Moderator: Carmen Rodriguez ( Licensing Manager BMG )

Music Producer: Ed Is Dead ( FBT Studio )

Film Music Composer: Aranzazu Calleja ( The Plataform )

Music Supervisor: Juan Tomas Tello ( Money Heist )

Music Supervisor: Omar Tenani ( Yembe! )

Director: Julen Martin ( BIME )

BimePro 2020 conference:

Photos by: #JavierRosa


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