The Studio

Yembe’s agency was an old Irish Pub that we’ve converted into an office and studio space located in Tres Cantos, hometown of Netflix and Movistar, 20 km north from Madrid. Its charm doesn’t go unnoticed. With it’s media related paraphernalia you’ll immerse yourself in a unique environment full of personality.

The sun shines bright through the south facing huge window, right on to a worn-out bar and industrial looking, leather stools. A warm meeting point within a perfect-sounding studio where the music embraces you.

Moving to the back of the this enchanting venue we find the mood-light-changing recording room and the lobby, that serves as live stage for intimate shows.

Last but not least, the studio area. The warmth that the wood walls, wood bar, ecologic hemp soundproofing panels and the state of the art acoustic conditioning, provide an outstanding and genuine sound envelope.

Photographer: #RicardoKuettel


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